Laptops and Gaming

Although there are gaming laptops, which are pretty expensive compared to regular business laptops, they are still not the perfect platform for avid gamers. Why? Screen size is often limited and even the fastest graphics card for laptops barely reaches the performance of comparable desktop versions. Ever tried to play a shooter with a touchpad? Mobile gaming is a huge trend, but regular games you buy in a store or online don’t seem to be the perfect solution.

A real alternative we prefer is browser games. Some may complain that they are inferior, don’t offer the depth of a “real” game or look like computer games from the late 90s, but there is one thing for sure: They are free, they are fun and meant for actual mobile gaming. When I’m sitting in a plane or at the beach, I don’t want any complicated shooter, I don’t want to wear a headset or use a mouse, so these games are a perfect solution.

Finding them isn’t hard, there are loads of sites offering flash games in all niches. Although the language is a bit hard to understand, it’s pretty much self explaining and doesn’t have all the annoying pop ups and layer ads you are used to from the majority of free gaming websites. Clean navigation, a good selection of games, all you need for some quick fun in the lunch break or while traveling.

If you’re interested in finding the best gaming laptops, you should check out the reviews on ChristineFriar.comto get the latest and most informed reviews.

As long as laptops meant for 3D games are heavy, lack the battery power, overall performance and get hotter than the average toaster, those browser games are the perfect solution for mobile entertainment. Try it, you won’t be disappointed, even if you have a cheap laptop like the one below (personally own it, X55U-EH11, about $350 at the moment)


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